Saturday, March 07, 2009

Small Press Story #7: Nixon Book Debuts on President's Day

Book Publishers Network has released an intimate look into the family of one of this country's most influential, innovative, and controversial American Presidents: Richard Milhous Nixon. The life of Richard Milhous Nixon will forever be a focal point of 20th century American history.

Written by Nixon's youngest brother, Edward Nixon , tells the story of the family both before and after Nixon's term in office in The Nixons: A Family Portrait.

Publisher and BPNW board member Sheryn Hara said this is the first book that she has ever launched at a presidential library. Ed Nixon appeared at the Nixon Presidential Library Musuem in California on February 16 to reminisce about the family, growing up in Orange County, the early influences of the community on his brother, and to sign copies of the hardback.

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