Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Small Press Story #31: Publish or Farm

Located near Walla Walla, Washington, Detour Farm is devoted to wildlife and habitat conservation as well as Rocky Mountain horses and alpacas. It's also the name of owner and author Sam Macleod's publishing venture, a business move that got him out of day-to-day farming chores assigned by his wife Annie.

"I love living on the farm, but leave the farming to Annie. When we first moved to Walla Walla, the concept of getting back to nature, appealed to me. I’d read about it in books. Seemed inviting, free-range, maybe even heart-healthy," writes Sam on his website. "But the concept took on new meaning when Annie asked me to turn the manure pile with a big shovel, help her move six tons of hay from one place to another, and climb up on the barn roof."

So Sam has moved onto the porch with his laptop, turning out books and a blog about life in eastern Washington while Annie runs the farm. If you buy a book from Sam, Annie will plant another tree or two. Or you can just drop into his blog and check out what he's cooking for dinner. He even shares his recipes, like how to make Aunt Wiese's Strawberry Pie.