Thursday, March 29, 2007

Call for PNBA Northwest New Title Preview

Dear Publishers, Publicists and Authors:

It's time for the Summer/Fall edition of PNBA's Northwest New Title Preview. If you have a title you think will be a hit with Northwest booksellers, this is a great, inexpensive way to give it more oomph.

Here's what Bloomsbury publicist Sabrina Farber has to say about the program: "I LOVE THIS PROMOTION! I think it's the smartest ABA kind of marketing tool to come around in a long, long time . . . I can't stress how effective I think this has been. I got tons of emails from stores about my titles (some stores I'd never heard of, too). Thanks for being creative w/publisher marketing dollars."

How it works: Northwest New Title Preview helps you target your distribution of free review copies of forthcoming books, ARCs, or galleys directly to bookstore buyers in the Northwest. For $120, PNBA will include your book in an online listing of new and regional titles with jacket art, a blurb, and a linked email address of the contact person at your company for bookseller requests. We send booksellers the listings, and they e-mail you to request the books.

Take a look! Last January's Northwest New Title Preview is available at:

The deadline for materials is May 4, 2007. The titles will become active on the site on May 18, 2007. An order form is attached as a pdf. I hope to hear from you soon!

Larry West, Executive Assistant
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association
214 East 12th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401-3245
T: 541-683-4363
F: 541-683-3910

2007 Fall Show: Wednesday-Friday, September 19-21, Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, WA

Monday, March 26, 2007

Google Book Search: Another Way to Promote

Google sent Book Publishers Northwest the following article about their Google Book Search service. If you try the service, we would be interested in hearing about your results. Post a comment or e-mail us at

Conventional wisdom says that a reader needs to know the title of a book or some other clue to find a book on the internet. But suppose a reader doesn’t know anything about a book – or even that a book exists that matches her interests?

Google Book Search is a great way to attract new readers and boost book sales – it matches people who are looking for information with the relevant words and phrases inside your titles. By matching the content in your books with user searches, Google Book Search connects your books with the people most interested in buying them. And any publisher – large or small – can join the program to market their books for free.

Through the Google Books Partner Program, publishers send their books to Google in either hard copy or digital format. Google in turn digitizes, hosts and makes searchable every word of every book we receive. As every publisher knows, browsing leads to buying, so we've made it easy for people to browse limited previews of publishers’ books in a secure environment. When you submit your books through the Partner Program, people are always able to search the full contents of your books, but you choose how much they will be able to view -- from 20 percent to 100 percent of each title. To protect your content, your book is hosted on our secure servers, and we disable print, cut, copy and save functionality. If readers decide they want to buy a book, we make it easy by providing links to online retailers and local bookstores via BookSense. If you sell your books directly from your own website, it gets top billing, appearing first in the list of purchasing links.

For more information about Google Book Search, check out this quick tour:
or find out what other publishers have to say about their participation here:

To sign up for your own Google Book Search account, simply visit:

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact the Book Search team at

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Alaska Magazine Looking for Books to Review

Alaska Magazine would like to see new books by Alaskan authors or "about/including Alaska" for their new book review column. Please send to:

Rebecca Luczycki
Senior Editor
Alaska Magazine
301 Arctic Slope Ave. Suite 300
Anchorage AK 99518

Friday, March 16, 2007

Rodnik Publishes Dari Phrasebook

When Bob Powers of Rodnik Publishing said that they added a Dari phrasebook to their list, we had to ask "What is Dari?" and here's Bob's reply:

I thought you'd never ask: Dari is one of the two main languages of Afghanistan and the one spoken by most people in Kabul. It's very close to Persian, which, fortuitously, I studied for a year at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. It helped me a lot when proof-reading the phrasebook. I chose Dari for a phrasebook because it's an instant conversation starter: "Dari? What's Dari?"

Bob is busy traveling Europe but hopes to make April's BPNW meeting. If you have news to share about new publications, just e-mail bpnwnews at And be sure to check out Rodnik's phrasebooks at

Contact Danforth Distribution Via E-mail

During the March 15 meeting, Laura Danforth said that she would be happy to send out information about her distribution services to any BPNW member interested. She asked that members contact her via e-mail:

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cook the Books!

The 3rd Annual Seattle Edible Book Festival
Sunday, April 1, 2007
826 Seattle (Greenwood Space Travel Supply)
8414 Greenwood Avenue North
Bring your edible entries between 1:00 - 2:00
Public viewing from 2:00 - 3:00
The books are served at 3:00!
Admission is FREE with an entry, or $5.00 suggested donation.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Masters on Blogging in March and April

BPNW member Tom Masters is teaching two classes on blogging this spring.

Introduction to Blogging

Blogging is an exciting new form of “social media” that anyone can participate in. Currently there are over 50 million blogs and the number continues to grow rapidly. Use blogs to advocate for causes, communicate with customers, share with family and friends, and promote your business. You’ll learn how others are using blogs, how blog work; what RSS syndication is; how to set up your own blog, and some blogging best practices that will make your blog stand out. See an in-class demonstration of how to create and edit a blog. Leave with the tools to start your own!

Dates: Tuesday, March 6, 6:30-9:30 pm
Location: Discover U Northgate campus (go to for directions)
Fee: $49
Materials: $8
Registration: Go to and search on “blogging” and follow the links; or call (206) 365-0400 to register by phone.

Blogging for Writers

Blogging is an exciting new media that can help you with book research, building an audience, marketing your work, and measuring your impact. See online demonstrations of how to create and edit a blogs, use blog search tools and manage your research with RSS readers. Features in-class demonstrations of blogging tools and

Dates: Tuesday, April 3, 6:30-9:30 pm
Location: Discover U Northgate campus (go to for directions)
Fee: $49
Materials: $8
Registration: Go to and search on “blogging” and follow the links; or call (206) 365-0400 to register by phone.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Beyond the Red Pencil

Seattle's Editors Guild celebrates its 10th anniversary with a one-day conference in March. Amy Einsohn, the author of The Copyeditor’s Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications, will be the keynote speaker.

For more information on the March 31 conference, check the Guild's website at