Friday, October 27, 2006

Book Publishers NW at PNBA

The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Fall trade show drew approximately 355 exhibitors to the Oregon Convention Center this October. Book Publishers Northwest displayed more than thirty of its member’s books at this trade show. For the first time, BPNW allowed books to be ordered on site, but this resulted in only a few sales. Most interested booksellers made notes, and picked up brochures and postcards as a reminders, then intended to order from their distributors.

BPNW volunteers worked on the exhibition floor Thursday evening setting up tables for BPNW and for PMA/Independent Book Publishers Association. Books were flying everywhere but by Friday morning each table was beautifully arranged and well staffed.

BPNW volunteers had opportunities to interact with 78 librarians and 390 booksellers representing about 126 stores from the region. Floor traffic both days was disappointing and exhibitors perceived a much lower attendance versus past years. However, many reported that people spent more time talking books at booths compared to years when the floor was jammed.

BPNW volunteers staffed both the BPNW and the PMA booth with enthusiasm. Representing the association were Lani Jacobsen (74th Street Productions), Peter Kahle (74th Street Productions), Jan Walker (Raven Publishing), Diane Kinman (Wimer Publishing), John Diviny (Wilder Productions), and Margaret Doyle (Port Gamble Publishing). In addition, BPNW sister association in Oregon, NWABP, provided help, experience and good will from members Marvin Mitchell, Barbara Whittaker, and Linda who all did double-duty staffing the PMA booth and their own adjacent table.

At the conclusion of the show, remaining books were donated to the Hooper Bay Library and the White Mountain Library in rural Alaska – both totally destroyed by fire this year. This was a satisfying and warm finish to a warm October weekend.

submitted by Lani Jacobsen, 74th Street Productions

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fantagraphics Opens Bookstore in Seattle

Comic book and graphic novel publisher Fantagraphics Books wil open a new bookstore in Seattle to sell the publisher's in-print books as well as discounted titles and out-of-print books still in the publisher's stock.

Located in Seattle's Georgetown district at 1201 South Vale Street, Fantagraphic Books officially opens in December and will begin hosting events in 2007.

PMA Online Course: The Buck Starts Here

Join PMA's Publishing University Online on Wednesday, October 25 when Book Marketing Guru Brian Jud addresses how:

The Buck Starts Here
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Time: 2:00 p.m. EST

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You can make more money, eliminate returns and increase your sales when you sell your books in non-bookstore segments such as gift shops, catalogs and other lucrative segments. In addition, the buying and payment periods are shorter, and direct access to buyers will make your promotional dollars more efficient. But the purchasing process is different for each niche.

Learn the nuances, buying practices and selling techniques that will help you sell more books, more profitably in special-sales markets.

To sign up, visit the PMA Website and follow the directions there.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

On Air: Improving Interview Style

"You're on the air---or at the lectern!" Tips for authors and publishers who find themselves being interviewed for audio or video presentations---or speaking at bookstores, libraries or professional associations. What to wear, how to handle difficult questions, how to stay calm, how a reading differs from a talk or teaching, how to handle differing kinds of venues: no-puff advice from Linda Carlson, longtime former BPNW board member and author of 11 books. She continues to make at least a dozen speeches or media appearances a year and coaches Parenting Press authors.

On Air: Improving Interview Style
October 19, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside N., Room 221, Seattle, Washington