Monday, March 16, 2009

Small Press Story #16: Thin Threads

I live with an idea about human potential, the common ability to create reality. So I pulled a story from the Akashic Records and wrote a novel, transforming those seeds of human potential into a stream of consciousness on paper that I can present for sale. Now, those seeds are alive, sprouting in someone else’s mind – someone I’ve never even met. That’s incredible.

Thin Threads, the first novel in a series, introduces a handful of ordinary people – just like you and me. They hail from all walks of life in Tibet, England, Tasmania, Canada, Brazil, the US and France. From across the globe, only this handful of people can potentially save humanity. For tools, they have their intent and the need to survive – and they’d better hurry. The fabric of the Universe is unraveling.

Can they reweave the fiber of reality? Could you? We’re going to face things no one has ever faced before. Can you feel it coming? I can.

I formed a publishing company, Denim Books, to present Thin Threads. Now, how do you sell books?

GayLinda Gardner, Denim Books

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Anonymous said...

GayLinda-- Before forming my company or joining BPNW, I started my research by reading (no joke) Self Publishing for Dummies. It gets you thinking about all you have to think about, and it does it pretty well!