Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nonexistent Email or Why You Haven't Received A Newsletter

Book Publishers Northwest e-mails a newsletter at least once a month to anyone who subscribes (see right hand column for subscription information). We also send out reminders and offers to members at least once a month or more. If you have signed up for a subscription in the past and have not received anything from us in November or December, we may have a bad e-mail for you.

We recently removed the following e-mails from our lists as they had turned up as "nonexistent" for more than three tries. This only means that our ISP could not find these addresses and does not imply that a business is closed:

Deleted as of Dec 28 2008
gail at
info at
info at
lbinlow at
sroberts at

ISP actively blocking our e-mail
This ISP will not allow any of our e-mails to be delivered to its customers. If you are a Telcomplus client, you need to set up another account, such as Gmail, to receive our newsletters or contact Telcomplus customer service.

If you have any questions, please contact us at bpnwnews at