Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Write in a Cottage, Live in Belltown

Richard Hugo House is offering two cottages near the Belltown P-Patch for writers. The "Hugo Huts" will be rented to two writers at a "below market" rate in return for the writers' participation in Hugo House programs.

The writers will begin their residency on September 1, 2008, with a term of 12 months, subject to a month-to-month approval by the Parks Department. The residency is renewable, with a two-term limit. The below-market rent does not include utilities. Applications are due by April 11

The Belltown Cottage Park Project is a collaboration between “Friends of Belltown P-Patch,” Seattle Parks, and Recreation and Richard Hugo House. The housing is in two refurbished cannery cottages at Elliott and Vine Streets in Belltown neighborhood, north of downtown Seattle. A third cottage at the site is available as a community venue for neighborhood meetings and events. Each cottage is 440 square feet, with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room.

The selection process will be complete by the first two weeks in June. For more information about Richard Hugo House and the "Hugo Huts," please see www.hugohouse.org.