Friday, February 29, 2008

Working With Printing Companies

There are sales reps from printing companies that will help. People mentioned those from Malloy (, Thompson Shore (, United Graphics (, and Friesens in Canada (, all of whom are quite helpful. Don’t feel shy about calling them.

Be sure to go shopping and quote exactly the same thing to each one. If you go with a print broker, get 30 quotes.

Printing a book with a CD in the back is more difficult to publish because you have to coordinate the production of the CDs as well as their delivery to the publisher on time and with sufficient numbers of them. If there aren’t enough CDs to accommodate the print run, the printer may not alert you and print several copies without the CD.

Get sample sheets to see what the book will look like on that paper

This is part of a series of articles provided by Nancy Burkhalter and Jack McKee following the February meeting on ways publishers can work together. Click on member suggestions in labels to see these articles and any follow-up.