Thursday, January 10, 2008

Distribution for Small Press

Book Publishers Northwest member Chris Salditt sent in the following suggestion:

As a one-title publisher, I have been frustrated lately by how difficult it is to get reps and wholesalers to carry my book. Everything I've read warns people like me that these people do not want to bother doing business with us "one-title wonders," that it is a small payback for the effort. Do you think there is any merit in several small publishers like myself banding together, not as a publishing company, but under some umbrella of some sort, i.e., "Sound Spirit Society," "Not Ready for Big Time Players," or "The Big Fish in a Small Pond Writers Group?" (This is supposed to be funny.)

I don't know if it's doable, legal, or practical, but if it has any merit at all, then maybe there is someone out there who is knowledgeable and could speak to us about the possibility of such a venture.

Feel free to comment on this idea or suggest a possible speaker. BPNW welcomes members' suggestions for meetings.

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