Friday, January 18, 2008

Blog Tour Information from Tom Masters

The following information is provided by Tom Masters. For a complete PDF of his Blog Tour presentation, please contact him at

a blog tour is . . .

guest appearances of you and/or your book, on one or more relevant blogs, during a time close to the launch of your title.

• the blogosphere is big, with most topics & audiences represented
• blogs tend to be audience and/or topic focused
• topic / audience related blogs tend to link to each other, increasing reach
• blog “reach”is measurable

blog tours

• virtual, no travel
• advertise on your book site the blog(s) you’ll be a guest on
• light coordination
• exposure not limited by geography or time
• sell via links to online book sellers or publisher site
• inexpensive

blog tour tools

• template contact letters
• tracking spreadsheet
• author bio & photo
• book cover art & book description
• author statement
• sample interview
• purchase links & info

researching blogs

scheduling considerations
• Blogs may have varying requirements
• Blog owners may be slow to respond
• Allow time to publicize your blog tour
• The number of blogs you contact depends on the availability of high traffic and high authority blogs in your topic space

publicize your blog tour

• online press releases
• blog or book web site


• blog touring takes time: research alone can be 4-8 hours per audience
• typical response rates from blog owners are about 20-25%
• not all comments will be favorable

For more information
Tom Masters
Orion Wellspring, Inc.

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