Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17: Meet the Editors

Join us on April 17 as Book Publishers Northwest presents “How to Polish a Manuscript to Perfection.” Don't miss these amazing independent editors: Nancy Burkhalter, Wendy Call, Waverly Fitzgerald, Karalynn Ott, and Michele Whitehead. Be ready to bring your questions to BPNW's April 17 meeting, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., at Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside N., Room 221, in Seattle.

This meeting is free for members of Book Publishers Northwest, Northwest Independent Editors Guild, and Seattle Writergrrls

Nancy Burkhalter, Ph.D.
Legacy Consultants, 206.250.8520
In my business, Legacy Consultants, I help clients complete nonfiction manuscripts, which can entail everything from reorganizing ideas to editing for grammar, punctuation, flow, and meaning. I also specialize in ghostwriting, including compiling personal, family-business, or corporate histories. This process demands expertise in interviewing, editing, organizing, and managing its design and printing. I have gained this expertise through 25 years as a writer and composition teacher. My education includes a master's in journalism and doctorate in linguistics. I also teach and coach writing.

Wendy Call
Writer in Residence, Richard Hugo House
Co-editor, Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writers' Guide

Wendy Call is a developmental and substantive editor for books published by trade and university presses. Specialties include biography, environment, international subjects, memoir, narrative nonfiction, political/social issues, travel writing, and literary translation from Spanish. She works with writers from the initial idea stage all the way to final manuscript submission.

Waverly Fitzgerald
Editor, Teacher, and Writing Coach, 206.325.1452

I specialize in developmental editing, which means I love looking at books in progress or rough draft, when I can provide perspective and focus. I coach writers working on non-fiction books, providing accountability, feedback, and light line-editing. I teach classes on writing novels, non-fiction book proposals, and intermediate level craft issues.

Verve Editorial

Karalynn Ott, 206.781.3661

Michele Whitehead, 206.650.6861

Verve Editorial is a Seattle-based freelance partnership of editors Michele Whitehead and Karalynn Ott. We offer comprehensive editorial services for authors, including developmental editing, substantive editing, and copyediting of fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts, as well as shorter works (essays, articles, contest submissions, query letters, and book proposals). Above all, we are dedicated to nurturing clear, resonant writing while respecting each writer's individual voice and style. We strive to help our clients draw on their strengths and come away reenergized about their projects.

Karalynn Ott is on the Steering Committee of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild and her interests include both fiction and nonfiction-particularly novels, creative nonfiction, travel and outdoors, memoir, and biography.

Michele Whitehead has a decade of editorial experience that includes feature writing for several local publications and her interests include contemporary literary novels, historical and young adult fiction, and creative nonfiction such as travel, essays, and memoir.