Thursday, September 13, 2007

Member Review of New Business of Books

First let me say how much I enjoyed the BPNW publishing seminar last Saturday. I learned a lot and I am already incorporating some of the suggestions into my publishing/promotional/marketing plans.

PARA Publishing (Dan Poynter) offers newsletter space to authors who are seeking other authors to write reviews of their books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites. Would that be something BPNW might offer their authors? It would just be giving space for authors to list their desire for reviewers, with contact info and genre. Then interested reviewers would contact them to get a copy of the book. That way your BPNW members are getting much desired reviews on those sites, thereby improving their rankings. Is this something you might be able to do?

Thanks for listening.

(Ms.)Chris Salditt
Mother Love Publishing

Chris has a great idea. As an old PR pro, I'm a little uncomfortable with Poynter's restriction that this must be a four-star review. I think reviews should be honest--as a publisher or writer, I would want to know why a book doesn't connect with the reader. Might not agree with the review, but I would want to see it.

However, if BPNW members want to make offers to reviewers, I'm happy to post them on this website. Are there other marketing ideas that you think we should pursue as an organization? Feel free to comment below.

Rosemary Jones
BPNW Blogmaster

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Unknown said...

I'd love to see more: we could review briefly other publishers' books, commit to writing a few reviews on Amazon. One very important way of raising visibility on Amazon!

Also, what about archives of low cost reliable printers. A mentors page. Publisher page for a description of the best audience for a book, and give each other suggestions to reach that audience.