Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pioneer Distribution: Nonprofit Fulfillment Service

Looking for local fulfillment help?

At a recent BPNW meeting, Kent Sturgis of Epicenter Press (“Alaska Book Adventures”) recommended a warehouse/fulfillment center for publishers large and small. Sturgis said he likes doing business with the Pioneer Distribution Center at 606 S.Othello St. for three reasons.

First, Pioneer is a division of Pioneer Human Services, founded in 1963, a not-for-profit company that puts to work people from what a spokesman called “the fringes of society,” including reformed alcoholics and drug addicts, parolees, and others who want to turn their lives around.

Second, Sturgis said the prices are very competitive. “I don’t believe we could find this level of service anywhere else for the price,” he said.

Third, the company strongly emphasizes quality control, with an error rate under 1%. Sturgis found out about Pioneer from Sasquatch, which has warehoused and shipped books from Pioneer for several years. Pioneer is interested in serving publishers ranging from the Sasquatch and Epicenter size down to the “one pallet” publishers.

For more information, contact David Lawson at (206)768-5151 or email the company at pds@p-h-s.com. For more information about Pioneer Human Services, visit www.pioneerhumanservices.org.