Thursday, January 19, 2006

Practicing What We Discussed

For our January meeting in 2006, our topic was "Blogging." While everyone in the room knew what blogs were, only three publishers were actually blogging. As busy as we all are creating books, we perhaps don't spend enough time communicating about those books and blogs appear to be a great, low cost way to let more people know what we do. By the end of the terrific discussion, led by Tom Masters of Orion Wellspring, we made the following New Year's resolution: BPNW will blog.

We will use this space to catch up members and interested others on events involving publishing, news about NW publishers, and news about books published by NW publishers.

And, because we see this as an extension rather than replacement of our regular means of communication, we will continue to create newsletters, send e-mails, and meet on a regular basis. So don't forget to check out all those other means of communication on our website or e-mail us at