Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Follow-up to March Power E-mail Meeting

If you couldn't make the March meeting on "Powerful E-mails" or want to contact Michael Clark directly, please use the information below.

Constant Contact Northwest Resources:
Michael’s Phone: 866.373.2997
Customer Support Questions: 866.289.2101
Greater Seattle Metro Accounts Consultant: 800.239.0158 (Dann)

Email Quickstart or other Professional Services:

A communications expert with more than seven years experience in education, marketing, and graphic design, Michael has led the development of successful educational programs and presentations for dozens of programs for small organizations. He has also helped organizations develop branding strategies to enhance their public awareness, including new strategies on how to market their organization on the Internet. Michael seeks to provide small businesses and organizations with the tools and knowledge to enhance their visibility and grow their business or organization through e-mail marketing and online surveys.

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