Monday, November 26, 2007

Mailing to Washington Bookstores in December

Book Publishers Northwest will be mailing our remaining copies of the Spring and Fall catalogs as well as holiday best wishes from all of our members to the Washington state bookstore members of Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association.

If you are currently a member of Book Publishers Northwest (see below), you may add one (1) title recommendation to this mailing. Please e-mail the following information to by December 1.
Price (US$):
One sentence description: (not to exceed 15 words)

This information will be added to a very simple flyer inserted with the full-color catalogs. We will be working with the Northwest Association of Book Publishers to create a new full-color catalog for 2008. More details about that project will be announced early next year.

We currently show the 2007 and 2008 members of BPNW to be:
74th Street Productions, Adoxography Books, Ananse Press, Bascho Press, Bennett-Hastings Publishing Services, Janey Bennett (Proofreader), Book Publishers Network, Bright Ring Publishing, Inc, bytewrite LLC, Sherrill Carlson (Editor), Cedar Creek Publisher, Counterbalance Books, Crabman Press, Denim Books, Detour Farm, Dog Hollow Press, Dogwise Publishing, Dunamis House, Empress Publishing, Epicenter Press Inc., Ericson Dorow Inc, Eye-Scapes, Globe Trekker Press, Graphic Artists Guild, Green Elms, Hands On Books, Healing Pages, Idyll Arbor, Illumination Arts, Impassio Press, Inside Out Publishing, Isaiah 11:6 Publishing Co, Island Publishing, Mary Kabrich (Author), Kearney Street Books, Legacy Consultants, Living Free Press, Malloy Inc, Marquette Books, Jennifer McCord Associates LLC, Clare Meeker (Author), Metacreative Press, Mindcastle, Mother Love Publishing, Muddy Puddle Press, October Mist, One Sock Press, Orion/Wellspring Publishing, Pangean Sun, Parenting Press Inc., Patina Productions, Pentode Press, Ray Pfortner & Company, Pickle Point Publishing, Port Gamble Publishing, Pun & Oink Graphics, Raconteurs Press LLC, Raston Publishing, Raven Publishing, Rivendell Publishing Nw, Rodnik Publishing Co, Rose Alley Press, Rosebriar Publishing, Seattle Book/Rosetta Solution, Slave To Her Pets, Sojourner Publishers Inc., South Slope Productions, Stagger Lee Books, Stoneleigh Press, Sundial Press, TCN Inc, Them Potatoes, Thistle Press, Thomson-Shore, Timebridges Publishers LLC, Van Patten Publishing, Dorothy Van Soest (Author/Publisher), Vital Self Inc, Wilder Productions, and Wimer Publishing Co.

If you are a member of Book Publishers Northwest and your name does not appear on this list, please contact