Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Catalog for PNBA Spring Trade Show

Book Publishers Northwest is working with Northwest Association of Book Publishers to create a catalog of Northwest publishers' titles for distribution at the booksellers trade show taking place in Portland in March.

NWABP has also offered to display our members books at the PNBA Spring Trade Show for an additional $10 a title (this offer only applies to members who have reserved space in the catalog).

Payments and books MUST be received by February 12. Books submitted for display will not be returned--books will be donated to PNBA library drive.

If you have questions about this project, please e-mail Rosemary Jones at bpnwnews@aol.com. NWABP is currently planning to print 1000 copies of this catalog for distribution at the PNBA Spring Trade Show and Fall Trade Show (a fall title supplement will be done in the summer).

This offer is restricted to 2007 BPNW members. Download the membership form on the right to renew membership or join BPNW and download the "Catalog" form on the right to submit titles for this project.