Monday, December 18, 2006

Storm Swamps Kirkland Bookstore

From Paciic Northwest Bookseller's Association, we received the following report.

Just weeks after celebrating their 20th Anniversary, Parkplace Books in Kirkland, Washington experienced a devastating flood in this past week's rain and wind storm. Overflowing storm drains drenched the bookstore and a dozen other businesses on Thursday, Dec. 14th, with over 4 inches of water filling the store, rushing in through doors and walls. Relief was hampered by the high winds, which knocked out power all over the Eastside. Downtown Kirkland remained without any power for several days, making it all but impossible to use pumps or dryers to try to save merchandise. Owners Mary Harris and Rebecca Willow are still assessing the damage; carpets have already been pulled up, but the walls must still be dried out before fixtures can be replaced. The store's computers remain operable, and with the restoration of power, the phones are working again. Despite the damaged floors and watery smell, the store will be open for business again on Monday, December 18th, in hopes of salvaging some holiday sales. Says Harris "We even had some sales on Saturday, with customers sloshing about in the dark."

Sales reps wishing to donate books to help replace lost inventory can bring or ship directly to the bookstore, as traffic to the Eastside should be back to normal after Monday.

Larry West, Executive Assistant
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association