Sunday, April 23, 2006

Should BPNW Go to Portland Trade Show?

The Board of BPNW is pondering whether to rent a table for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Fall Trade Show in Portland. We have displayed books in the past at this show which usually draws a larger crowd than the Spring Trade Show in the Seattle area.

Because of the October date of the show, most of our usual volunteers cannot be there (we have a very small corp of regular volunteers who have done every show in the past few years).

So, before we say "yes" to PNBA in Portland, BPNW needs a firm commitment from our members that they not only want to display and, possibly, sell books at this show, but that they are willing to do some of the work. In return, those who work this show could have free entry to the show and free display space. Travel and lodging will be at the publisher's own expense.

We need to know the following from our members by the end of the April. Please answer 1, 2 or 3. Please be honest in your answer, especially if you answer 1, as we will take this a pledge of your willingness to work.

1. I am willing to pay my way to Portland in October to work a booth at this show. I am willing to take orders for other people's books as well as my own. I understand that I may have to pack and unpack boxes.

2. I am not able to go to Portland that week, but I would be willing to pay for someone else to show my book there and make a financial contribution to cover BPNW's expenses for such things as flyers or catalogs.

3. No, I don't want the group to spend its resources on this. I'll make my own arrangements if needed. Bonus question: if you answer 3, would you be interested in working with other BPNW publishers so all your displays are located in the same area?

More details about the Fall Show in Portland can be found at

Your thoughts appreciated. If the majority of members do not respond to this request, we'll take it as a sign that the interest in this show is not there. Please send your response to

The results of this survey will be posted on the website and in the May newsletter.

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